In order to assist vendors and to speed up the growth of, we have launched this dedicated service. As a product vendor you can either:

  • Yourself submit your products (for free) to, see How to Submit a Biometric Product Information Profile
  • Or you can have Optimum Biometric Labs (or basically anyone you designate) to do this for you so that you can save time and get our feedback, as an independent entity, regarding availability, accessibility, and ease of finding significant information about your products

How we assist you to register your products

Here are the simple steps on how we publish your Product Information Profile:

  1. Register your interest. You tell us which product(s) you want to register using the form below
  2. We verify with you and send you an invoice. Price is $149 for each product registered (volume discount can be offered)
  3. We search and review your publicly available marketing material such as your website and social media channels. We compile all the information elements that we are able to find in the Product Information Profile format for your requested product(s)
  4. You receive and review your Product Information Profile(s) as Pending Review and Password Protected page(s) on
  5. We publish your Product Information Profile(s) on after your approval

Register your interest here


How you then can update your Product Information Profile

As your product moves forward it’s simple to update information about it:

  1. You send a request to with your wordpress user account (you can register one for free)
  2. We will invite and add you to as a contributor
  3. We assign your Product Information Profile to your user account so you can update your product submissions

About Biometric Products info

Biometric Products Info ( is a free and not-for-profit service provided by Swedish National Biometric Association (SNBA). It was founded based on an initiative from SNBA and its co-founding member Optimum Biometric Labs. The service is free to access and search and to submit and register information on products.


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