We just merged our websites into an awesome One and moved away from Google to the fantastic WordPress

We just merged and redesigned our websites and moved to the more powerful and versatile WordPress.com from the Google environment (Sites and Blogger). We did this in order to simplify and improve usability and accessibility and to prepare for our amazing upcoming launches.

These are the areas we improved:

  1. Simplicity and access: our main company site (optimumbiometrics.com) and our Posts and News site (biouptime.blogspot.com) are now merged and redesigned with our product website (biouptime.com) into just biouptime.com
  2. Social media for you to share: you can now share not only any post but also every page with even more social media tools online
  3. Auto-publicizing to Social media for ourselves: we have activated the awesome feature “Publicize” which connects to our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook channels and automatically shares our News and Posts
  4. Look and feel: more representative and much better look and feel by utilizing the free WordPress theme Enterprise by StudioPress
  5. Great features and support for mobile browsers: we now have a much better (and more professional) look and feel on the mobile version of biouptime.com than we did before with the limited Google Sites
  6. Easier administration and maintenance for ourselves
And last but not least.. the fantastic WordPress as an expandable platform: “WordPress is now powering 14.7% of the top million websites in the world and 22% of new active websites in the U.S.”, read the TechCrunch article.
Your feedback is very welcome, Thanks!
Babak Goudarzi Pour

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