Who among the night´s movie stars are you most similar to?

SF Bio in cooperation with Optimum Biometric Labs demonstrates celebrity match in SF Bio´s movie gala on August 16 at the Filmstaden movie theater in Malmö. The film and the biometric industry meet outside the Silver Screen for the first time. 
As a cinema visitor you take your face photo and find out who among the night´s movie stars you are most similar to. This entertaining service uses the same face recognition technology that is used for the new biometric passports.

”We help to increase visitors´ experience; give them something memorable they would tell their friends about. This type of biometric entertainment service can be extremely popular in the movie industry around the world. It is exciting to work with SF Bio and we look forward to our further cooperation”, says Babak Goudarzi Pour CEO of Optimum Biometric Labs.

”We believe this is going to be very exciting. Our goal is to increase entertainment for our customers at our cinemas”, says Marie Holmqvist Entertainment Director of SF Bio.

For more information please contact Babak Goudarzi Pour, Phone: +46 707 404 623
Please visit:

About OptimumMatch
OptimumMatch is Optimum Biometric Labs´ product suite that uses biometric technologies for entertainment. The product Faceum™ uses facial recognition biometrics and is available for both Internet applications and premises installations.


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