Biometrics for the broad mass

World’s first entertaining biometric kiosk station is launched by Optimum Biometric Labs – thereby introducing biometrics to brand new users. The company also releases the web portal 
OptimumMatch™ is a fun and easy to use product that compares two individuals’ faces to show how much they look like each other. Optimum Biometric Labs offers the product to several businesses such as cinemas, amusement parks, science centers, night clubs, and shopping malls.
“The introduction of OptimumMatch™ marks the beginning of a new era where people discover and enjoy advantages of automated human identification technologies that are already in use in new biometric passports and national ID-cards. By increasing market’s awareness we contribute to accelerate widespread use of biometrics.” says Babak Goudarzi Pour, CEO of Optimum Biometric Labs.
First to use the new product is South-Sweden’s discovery center, Kreativum. Anders Strange, CEO of Kreativum, looks forward to continuous cooperation and to further joint efforts. “We are very happy to work with Optimum Biometric Labs and look forward to future launches of exciting biometric based products” says Anders Strange. 
Babak Goudarzi Pour sees the partner as the perfect place for curious visitors of all ages who expect to experience mind-blowing attractions. “We are proud to be working with Kreativum and we are certain that many of Kreativum’s visitors are going to enjoy the new biometric attraction” says Babak Goudarzi Pour. 
For more information please contact Babak Goudarzi Pour, Phone: +46 707 404 623
Please visit: 
About Optimum Biometric Labs AB 
Optimum Biometric Labs AB is a pioneer in performance-based monitoring of biometric devices. The Company’s unique product suite, OptimumPrecon™, provides clients with service availability monitoring, trend analysis, reporting and alerting capabilities. More information on Optimum Biometric Labs AB can be found at:

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